Magic and Kobe, or Magic and Klay?

Who’s the better duo? Magic and Kobe, or Magic and Klay?

Which do y’all think would hold their value better?


Idk, but Kobe didn’t really affect Klay’s value so I’m assuming Klay keeps his worth longer based on supply alone.

Kobe is insane. I don’t have him but a guy torched me with him earlier last night. I have Klay and hes incredible. However, the last 3 days hes been trash for me. Cant buy one with him

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2k encouraging you to buy more vc for Kobe :hushed:


It’s just new card juice. Give it a couple days Klay won’t be nerfed long.


Such a piss off. PD Kareem cleaned up 3 corner wide open good release three’s and Klay missed every single one of them. HoF c&S with 99 three and miss four in a row lol

I’ve been asking myself the same question. I’ll stick with Klay for now and see how well I’ll do in Unlimited.

Exactly what they’re doing. Klay was insane on my run for manu. Once those packs dropped, hes trash. First time Klay has gone cold for me.

Or it could be regression to the mean. Klay made my butt bleed last night.

Since magic thrives with the ball in his hands making plays and Kobe needs the ball to be effective as well I’d say klay would be the better fit especially when you consider the hof passing badges combined with the hof shooting badges.


Magic/Klay duo for sure. HoF Dimer + all of Klay’s HoF shooting badges is too nice.


Klay is the better fit next to Magic

I’d say Klay. his shooting is just to elite to ignore.

I’m trying out Magic/Klay as my starters, and Oscar/Kobe off the bench… I’ll let you know how it goes.

HoF Dimer + Hof C&S = GG

Easy decision

The best fit next to Kobe is a 3&D pg. Rn its Billups.