Madness players


I picked up a couple of each player, prices already rising so nice profit

Have every Madness Player

Who should we target?


Picked up Jimmer, Pete and Laettner last night. Already had Thurl and Sexy Rexy.


J.J already off the market on Xbox just put one up for 100k😭

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What’s happening with Madness?


Melo Code
Incoming Everyone Looking to Lock


People really gonna be paying to lock in for Oscar at this point? He might even get an Opal soon

Or at least other cards that are better and auctionable


Oscar’s probably the best true PG In the game he’s a complete beast


Idk why anyone would lock for that Oscar now. Especially if it’s still gonna cost a decent amount. It’s not like they’ve started putting out useable GO point guards or anything… oh wait…


I mean he’s more affordable than Nash and look how much ppl paying for him and he basically jerry west and he going for 50k but I’m not locking I run mj just took this opportunity to make some mt


People need to be very careful. It’d be funny and very much expected that 2k releases TONS of insane cards, including some sick PG’s or SF’s that can play there on cheapo.


Yeah I sold my cards but kind of regretting it now. Probably should’ve held onto them to sell


Will 2K release Opal Big O and Opal Melo?

I think we know the answer to that


Either of them could come out as early as this Friday.


PD Oscar IS an opal, 4300 stats. Hes almost identical to opal elgin baylor.


No HoF D Stopper? No thanks.

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Even without HOF D Stopper he cant Stop my D from rising every time I play with this card.

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I just personally think that it ain’t worth locking for ME 500k MT (give or take for him) AT THIS POINT. Since we’ll get cheaper, better options this Friday or next week so that’s that. He was incredible when he came out though.

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Are we certain it’s gonna be the Madness Carmelo? I mean, yeah we know it will be PD Melo, but how do we know for a fact it’s gonna be that one?


I have all of those player except Melo. Who wants to bet the ball ends up at the 2k MT slot?