Madden Ultimate Team redux

Madden Ultimate Team redux

Someone needs to make a madden forum site all the ones right now are terrible


Mut gamer is coming sir


Madden men run 2kgamer


anyone who does face of franchise find a way to change teams?

Mut is fun this year ngl

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Wooo congrats my dawgs and happy thanksgiving to all my madden gamers and 2k gamers alike

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Definitely picking up Lane Johnson. 90 pass and run block with the power up with 80+ speed


Lane Johnson is the king of the cheese

Yes. Lane Johnson. Stoked.

Honestly didn’t think he’d get that much of a boost in ratings from his last card but I’m glad he did. He will fit nicely at tight end.

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Lane and Jaylon COMIN HOME

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I have a ton of lane Johnson power ups. Haven’t checked price but gonna be a big W.

I wonder if there are any 93s or 94s they will reveal on stream.

If you’re still in the market for a middle linebacker, that Roquan Smith will be upgrading to a 92. May want to take a look before spending on Jaylon.

Does he have a power up

He does not.

FUCK man

When is stream

I actually don’t know. I thought they were having one but I don’t see any info on it so maybe they’re not after all.