Madden Ultimate Team redux

How did we already get to 1k comments on this… we only got 9k left lol


Crazy to think I haven’t even bought 2k this year and have spent most of my time playing madden but still visit 2kg just as often for this thread lol


Just noticed laremy tunsil got an upgrade big for me

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Don’t you love a theme builder that got traded before the season!!

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These dolphin upgrades lately though

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I have a feeling deion isn’t coming because of this Ravens sig corner tomorrow. Would they release 3 93s or better in a week for one team?

They released 2 chiefs 100 LBs

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Dolphins just got 93, 93 91(92)


Solo battles got me MAD annoyed they’re so boring I’m watching a documentary on SPAM as I play

I haven’t done a solo in months.


I just want to be back to 1.6 million before the WRs drop so if I need to buy one I wont be under a million to get one, or so.

Wow :open_mouth: I have 60k. Gonna need a good weekend league this week.

I don’t know why but some 80-82s are going for two and three times what they were last weekend. Everyone must be quickselling. I’ve sold some for 15k tonight.

Put together some Cunningham highlights. Accidentally cut off the miracle conversion at the end, but I don’t have the patience to re-edit for the 12 views I’m going to get :rofl:

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man i got jim crown for 500k and this man is a dog. having the strength of a lineman is crazy


I start jim brown over Dickerson. Mostly just to wear the defense down. He straight up mangles corners with that stiff arm. It mentally defeats my opponents, then they get the Dickerson.


You guys think Ryan fitz is gonna be lower than 390k tomorrow

About to pull the trigger but idk if to wait

Is today the first day he was in packs? Those limiteds go down a lot the second day.

This is the second day or third goes down 12/5