Madden really that bad?

I stopped playing madden years ago and now only get it when its free through EA Access but this is their lowest user rating ever and people are calling the NFL to drop EA lol.

Guys with the game are the user reviews accurate or are people over-exaggerating?


They didn’t make any changes to most of the things we wanted only thing new is the new feature called the yard and the game servers are shit and the game has a lot of bugs

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I’m not really a fan of any EA games but I buy madden every few years the last madden game I played was madden 13 and I picked up madden 21 the other day and it’s not really any improvement from madden 13 the last games I played years back but the years is alright but passes get intercepted way to often it’s ridiculous

Stopped playing Madden a while ago as well and ended up downloading the 21 free trial and it is basically the same game it was when I stopped playing. I will not be buying it.

Feels really casual and arcade like, the players still dont move like real humans after all these years, the oline and dline play is the most important part of football and line play still plays nothing like real life.


Everybody over on is enjoying Ultimate Team from what I can tell. Can’t vouch for the other game modes.


The game modes (choices of what can be played) are fantastic. The actual gameplay is awful

It’s hard to grade a game like Madden this early in the year because the meta hasn’t fully emerged, but there were a number of subtle improvements to the gameplay that veterans have appreciated. A lot of the 2K players have commented how much more strategic it is. The one complaint I’ve read commonly is that defense is hard this year, but I really haven’t been having an issue myself.

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No, it’s not actually all that bad. Admittedly, though, I haven’t played in a decade and it feels like exactly the same game.


That’s right the defense is awful. Tyreek hill was blowing by my defenders every time

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I’m most likely not touching any sports games until I see some major improvements in Nextgen. Hopefully by year 2 for both Madden and 2K.

So far I’m enjoying the game. I’ve played a combination of mut, franchise, and the yard. And overall it’s a pretty enjoyable experience

I’ve been doing well on D, but I’m usually good on D and I’m using the same scheme as last year.

Do you user the MLB, or a Safety? If so that’s very OP in MUT when you learn the reads and schemes. I loved playing against linemen users. Lol

Safety. I ran MLB for years but last year switched to Safety and haven’t looked back.

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Now that you know how that position plays defense is much easier for you than the average player. Others won’t be able to play defense until the better rated cards come out.

They nerfed MLB user a bit this year, as well.

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Whats the yard anyway. Haven’t bought the game since 13

Yard is a bit like NFL Street or Blitz.

Gotcha those were fun back in the day


I don’t play MUT so I’m a franchise guy. Skipped M20 and I feel like M21 is the same game as M19. So I can’t imagine how similar M20 felt

The gameplay is also fucking dreadful. Beyond the bugs and glitches, which are as many as I’ve seen in a game that I can remember (and it’s copy-paste!), it plays so much like an arcade style that it’s ridiculous. That’s fine for The Yard and even for MUT but to call this game a Simulation title is insulting. Guys out here laying hit sticks on the ball every time it’s caught so catching the ball in traffic is super rare. And the whole Superstar Ability thing is wild. And when the CPU puts on aggressive strip ball tendencies, you WILL fumble on some bullshit ass animation. That’s just to name a few of the insane, stupid things that happen during gameplay. I won’t even go into how unrealistic and barebones Franchise mode itself is

I’ll play for a bit because I do miss football but once 2K and Avengers come out at the end of this week, I may put Madden down for good which is a shame