Madden 20 XB1 Game Share for 1 month, willing to pay

Hi guys, I am currently looking to have someone let me game share Madden 20 for the month of August.

As for the gameshare, your account will be set as home Xbox and will not be logged into any other time until its time to take the home Xbox off of the account. A pass-code will be set on my end so that I don’t accidentally sign in as well. It does not effect you as long as you aren’t currently game sharing with another person.

Payment is $15usd if non-Canadian via Paypal Friends and Family or $20cad via Etransfer or PayPal Friends and Family if you are Canadian. You will be paid on the 1st of September once I take your account off my Xbox and take the home Xbox off for game sharing.

I have lots of rep for Buying and Selling MT on 2kgamer: 2KGamer Rep Page

I also have had done Account Access for many Suppliers in NHL and NBA on Reddit. Also paid many of them after all their coins were sold to save on fees for International payments via PayPal.

Here is a list of reviews from guys I have done this for on Reddit:

So if anyone is interested in doing this for 1 month let me know.

100% vouch for this man. As legit as they come!

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Id do it for 200k mt
If any interest hit me in a pm, id be willing to work out something with you for sure

I could definitely get you 200k MT for 2k19 on XB1 for September 1. To be honest with you though its probably better to take the money on Sept 1 instead to put towards NBA 2k20 coins or VC or whatever you like. The thing is I don’t pay until I have used Madden 20 for the month. Can’t have a guy cancelling the game share on me before the month is up. Also your account says you are PS4 so just so you know this is for XB1 only. My rep clearly tells you, I won’t scam.

I wish I had madden too man. :weary:


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Don’t hijak on me lol. I just want it for 1 month. I will be too busy in September with my Bread and Butter game.

I’m not. I don’t think I can gameshare anymore anyways. I had 2k19 shared with me. Just frustrated because I want it but I gotta make sure I take care of other shit first. I hate being responsible and paying damn bills.

Kids, don’t grow up to be a teacher. Not getting paid for 2 months is bullshit.

You can ask for a reset, just contact customer service on

Ouch. What u teach?

1st/2nd grade special education. And I’m on a special grant through a district so I only make 80% of a normal teachers salary in my district. But I’m a buddy teacher basically. I always work with another teacher as well.

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Didn’t know you could do that. But then I have to talk to somebody… eh…:man_shrugging:t2:

You just said …eh… Are you Canadian? lol

Haha nah, maybe I should have put “uh”. But it’s definitely “eh” in my head.

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Edit: Fixed… :man_shrugging:t4:

Trustworthy user here, share your Madden with him to make easy money.

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Guys can you talk about other stuff on another thread please. :+1::sunglasses:

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