Lyon vs Bayern (live right now)

Let’s go! Bayern fan since 1999 :cowboy_hat_face:


Depay boutta shit on y’all

Bayern got this in the bag attack is too strong

Alphonso Davies is leaving soon

Lyon has no chance

Anything is possible they beat City and Juventus and they placed 7th in their league lol

Cap lmaooooooo keep doubting the French teams


He just nearly scored, but Neuer is dog out there.

Depay should be scoring that

Mem fish depay

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game is very open, lovely football.


Depay bottled that lol

I think we gonna see A LOT of goals.

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3-5-2 beautiful

Definitely the attack for Bayern is CRAZY

He could have scored, but Neuer was really in good position to make him doubt where to shoot.

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Neuer is an ageless wonder

He had 3 chances to shoot it and took the 4th worst one

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Close call… Lyon with a chance? :eyes:

Vidal: this is aint bunde you gonna respect us:

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