Luke Walton


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Ho hum

I can’t imagine anyone coaching lebron but lebron himself (maybe some super old and respected men like pop or phil jackson). lakers need either a coaching dummy like tyronn lue or lebron should become officially (!) a player-coach

Sixers assistant Monty Williams joins Ty Lue as the central candidates in the Lakers search, league
sources tell ESPN. Process is expected to center on them.


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Meh. He’s being scapegoated by the FO, but at the same time his rotations and minutes were always frustratingly bad. He’s a good guy so it sucks to see him out of a job but it’s for the best.


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I mean, I don’t want to say I told you so… But…


Bootleg Cavs almost complete when Ty Lue joins


LeGM strikes again. Hello Cavs West.

All the jokes aside, if Lakers fans are actually fine with this then they don’t deserve any better.

Monty Williams apparently a front runner too

No waaaaaaay!!!

I might have beat @QuantumKat on calling this stuff lol

I said this stuff when he first announced going to LA

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His rotations were bad. Im glad hes fired.

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Fire Walton to bring in Ty Lue or Monty Williams? Lol we’re fucked! Another puppet to “coach” the uncoachable. Get ready for the biggest shit show in the NBA part duex, coming to an arena near you in the 2019/20 season!

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Yeah. I’ll take 2nd place. Cavs West for real tho. This is hilarious. Glad Magic left. Bron is as predictable as the spread of a contagious disease and just as toxic.

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Like I said ty lue incoming I am Nostradamus when it comes to Lakers :laughing:

Why are all you dudes in here with the “told ya so” and shit? For real? This firing has been 3 months in the making and you guys wanna act like we didn’t already know he was getting fired. Damn kids


Ty lue though :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Fuck LeBron. Fuck Rob Pelinka. Fuck Ty Lue. Monty Williams is cool (but no thanks). Fuck Magic. Fuck Luke. Fuck this team right now.

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Be a thunder fan then.simple