Luka triple double

I feel like I post this once a week lol. Come on diamond luka


I wish they’d give him a diamond with Dimer

Luka best prospect since AD


We gonna get a PD Luka when he wins the skills challenge

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Diamond Luka I’m ready

First teenager with 2 tripple doubbles in NBA history.

I was at the game live. Dude is a few years younger than me, and was dropping buckets on the best defender in the league. Exciting future as a Mavs fan.

He was guarded by Lowry more than 50% of the game. Not to take anything away from Luka, but more to make sure people aren’t getting it twisted that Kawhi got cooked by a Rook.

Giannis disagrees

Not true, Kawhi was guarding him a lot of the time, especially in the first half and crunch time.

Granted a lot of those buckets came off pick and rolls/pops, so it wasn’t pure iso, but still

When Luka scored, especially in the second and third quarters, he did a lot of it against Lowry and Danny Green / Delon Wright.

Kawhi held him just fine.

I didn’t say he baked Kawhi, but he was still getting to his spots on the court.

Pat Beverly and Avery Bradley did give Luka a tough time though

Kawhi’s defense has regressed slightly, but he isn’t the type of defender to pressure ball handlers like Beverly and Bradley do. I would hate to play against them if I’m an offense-initiator and don’t have the tight handles like Steph & Kyrie do – those two seem to be the only ones who don’t have trouble at all against LAC.

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Youngest 30pts+ td ?

FACTS. The Clippers are a team that can beat anyone in the league, if Tobias can become a consistent scorer from inside and outside the arc, theyre a tough team!

P Bev/Bradley would be so annoying to play against lol

Only teen in NbA History with 30 pt TD afaik

If 2k doesn’t bless us with a D or PD they hatin