"Luka Made" - Next Gen

I love the Luka card, it’s fun to use, but the amount of bad shots some people take just because it’s Luka and the contest on his base is broken is crazy.

It makes sense, Luka is the cover boy and you don’t want his release to be terrible…so terrible they have to change it (like last year) but damn.

Some of my opponents offense is just 5 out, PNR from the hash with Luka…shoot no matter what. :joy::tired_face:

When Luka first came out, he seemed to make all of those contested shots. After a few weeks, it stopped happening (maybe the defenders were better). My son is one of those who too often gets focused on Luka even though he shoots just as well with the other players out there. I usually prefer to dribble and pass with both Oscar and Luka until either one is open for a 3, they are in a good position to get a dunk, or an opponent comes in to help and someone else is free (in TTO or Clutch). My favorite 3 in TTO now is the Luka-Oscar-Lucas combination. All 3 have great defense (I did upgrade Luka’s defensive badges) and all will have an automatic 3 if even slightly open.

Hasn’t that basically been NBA 2K status quo for years?


Of course, but not quite to this level. At least when they shot it would typically be open. There is no contest system with Luka. :rofl: