Luka hurt?


I hope it’s not serious, Luka’s a stud

Is he ROY even if shelved the rest of the season?

Not the way Trae has been playing. That narrative has done a 180

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As long as he is ready for training camp next season we good.
Imagine Dallas getting a Pick between 1-3.
Luka at 1, Zion at 3 or 4 and Porzi at 4 or 5. Damn that would be sick.

He finished the game really strong. Maybe passed a little late on the triple team but looked good. Hopefully nothing big. Maybe a wakeup call to lose weight.

Dallas is tanking, I doubt he is seriously hurt.

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Trae Young is winning roty anyways

@JohnnyHimrod @OGxSuave

Nah he not he probably “hurt” we’re tanking tho look like he took that late game L tough last night part of me felt bad but if we get that pick back he will benefit still sucks tho

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Yea i think we’re currently the 6th worst team. Probably wont drop any lower since the hawks and other teams worse than us will keep losing as well, i pray we get into the top 5 lol

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Damn get well Luka… Does this mean Trae Young will be Roty?