Lucky boi survey

Ok, so this is a question for all you lucky fuckers that have used both PD Brandon Roy and PD Klay (or at the very least, his diamond card since they’re so similar)…

If you had to pick just ONE, who would it be and why?

Not only am I curious who I should focus all of my sniping efforts on for the next few days, i’m genuinely interested to hear what yall have to say regarding these two high level shooting guards…

Personally, I’ve only used the Ruby for each, but based on that I think I like Roy better. However, the way some of yall praise Klay, it’s like he can green from full court, lock up the entire other team and then gives you a back rub after the game lol.


I mean Klay is the original splash bro, would be a disgrace if he couldn’t

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Depends on the type of player your are, if you the dribble cheeser type then klay but if you the zig zag hide behind screens then Roy

But then again both can do it lol :man_facepalming:t5:, just pick whatever release you like more, they the same card just Roy can drive better.

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Klay for splash only and Roy for splash and best offensive card in game
Very simple

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Magic + Klay is the usual Combo.
Roy Could Zig Zag


So you’re saying that Roy does everything Klay does and is better offensively?


Not as good a shooter of course klay a pure shooter best in the game but better in general offensively

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Ahh I see, good to know

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Interesting… knowing that i’m going to be running Kobe (if he ever drops) I might actually benefit more from having a pure shooter out there… kinda like Steve Kerr to MJ and Pip. Hmmm… this is hard lol

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I think I’ll run kobe at point :innocent:

Roy > Kobe

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See I thought about that too… but of all the things Kobe was great at, passing the rock wasn’t really one lol. And Kobe is my all time favorite player.

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Limited Roy is a God, HIs jumpshot did take a while to master though. Havn’t used Klay, hope he goes down in price soon.

I used the unlimited Roy for a few games. He was good but i feel like I was missing something with shooting badges. Sold him and was saving for the limited but bought klay for 420k earlier instead, don’t regret it at all

It all depends on what card suits you.i sniped pd roy for 500mt.gonna sell him.not a fan

I use both, Klay is the SF.

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I lucked out and sniped a PD Roy last night and I love using him. I’ll still try to grab a Klay and see who I like better, but we’ll see. I’m not opening packs tho

Klay is rediculous in unlimited in no lie hit 12 consecutive 3’s in a row all greens. Limited Broy is a better off the dribble card and is light out. I would keep broy if I had to choose. Man I’m honestly not sure their both game changers

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So you can snipe whoever you want?