Luckiest 5 minutes in 2k history

Decided to play offline triple threat out of boredom and opened the vault twice. Got a lights out pack and a diamond consumables pack. Pulled a 30k shoe and diamond KD out the packs. Decided to try and snipe a DRose and the third refresh got one for 70k with a diamond contract :rofl: shook


2k’s trying to suck you back in lol


I know🤣 I haven’t spent anything or even played somewhat competitively in the last month or so but I just copped like 600k profit in five minutes lmao


Woooooooaaaahhhhhh. That’s crazy dude. Buy a lotto ticket


**** ***!!! But congrats. That’s awesome man.

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Actually considering

Honestly couldn’t believe it lol

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Awesome. Congrats, man!!

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What console :flushed:

Pics or it didn’t happen


I haven’t touched packs or vc all year all year. When I see a goated drop Ima open a shit ton of packs. Need to confirm if they cater to you the less you spend.

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That’s crazy, congrats.

I’m a little salty just reading it ngl.

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Yet im over here stuck refreshing Kobe filters lol. congrats

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I’m surprised no one has said video or didn’t happen, congratulations my guy

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If I open packs after returning home from the road (and not signing into 2K for a week +), I know for sure I’ll pull at least one banger card in a box. 100% success rate.


Home run!

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Well there goes my pack luck :rofl:
Congrats Bro @Jdx32 :+1:

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Don’t do this, because all of your luck has been used up. :joy:

Congrats…build a team, snipe and play