Loyalty challenges reset?

I got the blocks and rebounds challenges with haslem done yesterday and was like 4 dunk away from finishing that one and now it says zero? I thought i was seeing things in season one when ot did the same the to me for the clurch challenges. Anyone know why?

Yes it reset for me as well

Yeah they reset for me as well and I tried doing the Lillard and Curry ones again and they didn’t work. Think they’re glitched right now.

Wow…that sucks for ppl who did more

Probably fucked up trying to upload new Loyalty spotlight agendas, cause they are still not up


yes looks like it 2k gonna be 2k :rofl:


These dudes cant do anything right lol. Oh well, If it means more XP then i wont complain

wow, i will get surprise when back to home and try to complete curry challenge (only one 3pt and 5 layup left)
think haslem did 10 rebounds yesterday night too

Spotlight xp challenges are up now


Spotlight XP challenges glitched as well. I’ve won Curry and Havlicek and got no XP.

If I have to restart the Haslem challenges then I’m going to lose it

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Keep trying in TT Online to put Haslem with 2 Emeralds or lower. I only got lucky matched up with a bot once, but those 11 dunks helped!

I put silver lob city finisher and just spam alleys when I can. I was 4 dunks and 10 rebounds off

wait so are the spotlight challenges reset or are the loyalty ZP challenges reset and glitched?

But I assume the exp is still there so basically this is a good thing we getting more exp challenges


Not a good thing. At all. I’m 2,000 XP away from Blake so all I need are the Havlicek agenda challenges (renting him for this sole purpose). I’m scoring 50 points with him and nothing is counting.

Now watch 2k ban all the people who did the challenges twice

Amethyst challenges not registering

Like at all? Or just not the xp?

At all