Lowkey, Geoff Petrie is still a Budget God PG

So I just added 10k worth of badges on Petrie (Catch and shoot, and gold Limitless) and this man is a splash god from deep.

Definitely one of the best Amy PG’s in the game (and you get him for free)

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Never caught the wave of Petrie


You should definitely try him (for a backup PG), the man has a cash release (it’s david wesley’s Release)

true, unlucky small pg are not the wave

Man, I must be a hell of a player if I kill the Magic / Giannis / Simmons cheesers with 6’4” below PG’s

I am 100% sure that this card activate the equalizer bullijive

He’s a beast and he has Pistol Pete’s dribble moves which are glitchy as hell. Once you get used to his shot it’s a GG

He has 70 strength and Low Post DIQ in the 60s so he’s not completely helpless if switched on to a bigger guy