Low OVR Cheese

Low OVR Cheese

Last month to test stamina I ran just 5 guys and bronzes for a week. Along the way in those 20 games or so, I may have run into 1 or 2 players who were using just 5. (stamina is meaningless i can report)

Fast forward to this week, after selling a lot of my top guys, I decided to run a budget ruby/amy-ish squad of 10 in the mid 80s OVR and 6 of the last 8 games on MTU have been against 5-man only squads with most filled with T-mac, Yao, etc using just 5 with bronzes to get that lower OVR.

Respect that they didn’t do the BTB cheese, but I guess this is the new thing running 5 only. Can’t blame them b/c the game’s busted, but it’s tough running lower tiered cards, at least for me.

I also see a lot of newbie-ish players doing it so I guess some streamer must be pushing it.

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U might run into a full pd team if u do the bronze bench cheese and have a stacked line up lol

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just lost to a PD Greek Freak and a full bronze team, you just need one player to win.

What was your team ???

Ruby Livingson, Ruby Korver, Ruby Roberson, Amt Mcdyees and Noah

Haven’t faced the 12 bronze, 1 PD/GO cheese yet. I look forward to it, though.

I feel bad for guys stuck with running low cards or those just starting the game, and running into this.

I said last year, they need to fix OVRs by averaging the FIVE BEST PLAYERS. Take that avg and that’s your OVR. Factor in coaching boosts, shoes, price of snow in Alaska, whatever, but just use the 5 best. Maybe next year…(and fix stamina but I guess that would be a patch down the road).


im 6-1 right now.

im running a mix of players and im facing mostly teams with a mix of players

my squad

1.jason terry
2. andre robers
3. opal dr j
4. keith van horn
5. ayton


  1. shaun livingston
  2. demar deroazan
  3. lamar odom
  4. Hedo
  5. pd dirk

Ruby MCW
Diamond Tony allen
ruby KAJ

I’ve yet to run into an overall cheeser
my line up is a 93-95 ovr depening on the day of the week, it changes a little everytime and is always depending on coach and stuff.

it’s my thought that the reason most people match up with ovr cheesers is because they are doing it in some form theirselves.

you want to match up with a legit 13 man squad but not have to use all diamond to opal squad???

then quit putting bronzes on your bench even the last 3. the matchmaking gods will match you up with dudes that have a bunch of bronzes.



I still run into Cheesers with mix squad but worth a shot never thought about filling in last 3 spots too

people saying stamina is a joke are only saying that, because they use 5 god cards and face low ovr teams and have momentum the entire game.

you need a minimum of 3 pg’s 3 sg/sf’s and 3 c/pf

if you are being offballed by one of these dudes, just keep switching your lineup, they cant wear you down that way, and you will wear them down in return by always being fresh and making them on ball and use their turbo.

if you face one of these 5 man only duesches make sure you run man to man, on ball, make contact with the ball handler and then switch immediately to the guy you think he will go to next.

that will kill their stamina and cut off their drive and kick bull shit.

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I think it’s pretty random. I match up with all sorts of different teams with one team. Last night I saw a new kind of cheese:

This guy had away jerseys with white on the front and black on the back. So when he was on defense I couldn’t tell who my player was but when he got on offense you could see. Still won. Double edged sword there. I know he was just as confused as I was on the offensive end. Just had tall playmakers pass the ball around.

Anyone seen that shit before?

From my experience in MTU in probably like 50-100 games I think it is more valuable to have a fully stocked tool chest to try to stop whatever bullshit you run into.

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8 man rotations seem to do well stamina wise.

Yea no matter what ovr you run 10 out of 12 of your games will be against someone doing the bronze method just the way it is now. I wonder who made a video on this

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Yup, the game is so broken. I just played with Yao, T-Mac and Muresan, rest bronze so my ovr. was 80 and won by like 40 points. T-Mac never for tired and dropped 70…

It’s kind of a shame, the reason I fell in love with the mode last year was the team-building aspect. I ran an 8-man rotation last year and it felt good to actually strategize who was going to start vs come off the bench and how to manage rotations.

Right now I only have Rose, Yao and T-Mac as auctionbale cards. I have 1.2M MT in the bank and will probably just try out all the top meta cards with a bronze bench all year.

I see no point in having extra cards I don’t need just decreasing in value. MTU has basically become a longer but less-rewarding version of TTO - you only need 3 top players and a couple rewards cards.



But yes this does work.

I tried it with just all 12 bronze, 11 bronze and Sapphire Rozier & 11 bronze and Ruby Ray Allen.

I still had a 70 OVR

Tried to see if GO Ray will make it too high but I’m restricted from playing for the next hour

Lol close app next time


Young Simba did one awhile back.

You can still create lineups though. You just can’t use them in Multiplayer.

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