Love when my bids say i won an item when i've been outbid

just won a PD Jordan then went into my completed auctions only to see i’ve been outbid.

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someone outbid you on the last seconds that it didnt register on your screen(console). in other words glitched out

On the flip side, there have been several times I’ve tried to bid on cards with 2-3 minutes left and it says the auction is already done.


Happened to me on a Diamond LeBron with shoes and a contract last night. I waited until about 20 seconds left and put my bid in. It said the auction was already done, and whoever got the card paid way less than I was going to. I remember this happened in 2k17 as well. So basically, bid early and get outbid. Bid late and the card is mysteriously already gone


Yeah, if I really want a card I usually bid about 3:30 now just in case.

I believe if only one person is bidding on a card, then 2K will give it to them. If a bid war is going on, then it’ll go down to the last second. I’ve won several bids a minute early.