Love me some Clippers

I am generally big ball fan so to speak and i dont ever hate on things so just looking out from outside its just amazing what they’re doing, already solid team with tons of cap space, good coach and amazing GM and Passionate owner.


Im rooting for them, go clips!

Doc is gonna take this team far if they get a good free agent or two. Cant wait to see them shit on the Lakers

I think Lakers got tons of room to improve as well, but lets not hate on them or talk about them, give some love to Clippers. The amount of amazing FA’s this year gonna be nuts so they deffo gonna get pieces.

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As much as I think Brad > Doc when it comes to Xs and Os… I sure miss Doc’s ability to light a fire under his teams ass. Brad’s too nice.

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Gallo :heart:

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Ill believe them getting a Great FA when I see it. I just cant see an elite player wanting to play with the LA B team. And how they did Blake left a bad taste in a lot of players mouths.

With that said theyve made some solid moves. Kinda reminds me of a poor mans 03-04 Pistons team the way they play together. Tough scrappy team. I think their upcoming offseason potential is over blown.

Maybe so, but they play great ball and got cash and all the right things to get players. Obviously gotta wait and see.

Yeah the one move where I felt they messed up was passing on Michael Porter Jr. Every other roster decision has worked out for them.

I dont think a splash FA signing is the answer. Theyre a unique team that doesnt really have a star at all I think they should go after guys like Middleton, Vuc, Bledsoe, Kemba etc instead of Kawhi or a KD.

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I’m just not sure you can win a ring these days with just glue guys and borderline all stars.

Nah they need a star or two

I actually enjoy the clippers owner sitting in the crowd and looking like a fan of the team ( similar to Cuban in a way)

Not the typical uptight overdressed stick in the ass

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This Clippers team is really easy to like and root for, P-Bev’s antics aside. (Or even more so, for some people, due to him.) So dramatically more likable than the Lob City iteration of the Clippers.

It’s going to be really interesting if they can land Kawhi. I think there’s zero chance of them getting KD or Kawhi. And I don’t think they should be trying to max anyone but those three guys. If they can’t land one of them, then stick with the value game. And, depending on what happens in the next 12 months, be in position to chase after AD in 2020.

Damn Harry’s out here flexing his new avatar

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