Lou Will isn't even bad lol

I get that he’s not the tallest but this card doesn’t miss lol I started chucking up at the end so his true stats are

48 Pts.
11-19 from 3
17-26 FG
7 assists
3 steals
1 TO

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Try not feeding him the ball. He’ll be more productive

I only tried to score with him to show he was usable lol

Yeah he is

The thing with this game that is both a blessing and a curse, is that it is possible to be pretty much godly with any card from ruby and up. If you’re comfortable with some amy guys, you can beat god squads easily if your opponent doesn’t match your skill.

True Im just saying If you got him and your team isn’t the best ever he can be a good option off the bench

Of course, that’s what I’m saying. Stats and size aren’t everything. Guys are great with CP3. Burying teams with him.

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Are you guys playing him at PG or SG?

PG but I switch his matchup to the weakest guard on the court

I played around 400 games with Chris Paul so the transition to Lou was seemelsss. Lou is better

Lmao some guy started lou will at the 2 against my paul george a few days ago. PG abused him with the post up all first quarter and he never subbed lou back in after that.

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