Lou Will is Awful and great

Pros: Nice Badges, good shooting, free*
Ultra pro: Best Step back animations in the game
Cons: Short, Underwhelming, super bummer for a Locker code*

Yes I’m really glad I didn’t get Oladipo Simmons or harden

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I’m so happy I got Lou fucking Will

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??? Never meant it to be like “Hey he is the best of the bunch”

played one game in supermax with him off the bench, carried me with 21 pts, not great on D but held t-mac to only 4 pts

I didn’t get the code but it probably feels the same as getting Lou.

I know lol

I was generally being sarcastic, not at you

Honestly they all sucked to me
Oladipo is just OK imo
Simmons has a BOOTYCHEEKS jumper
Gobert is boring
And if I wanted harden I would of bought him before

I wreck with diamond Oladipo…

I’ve got :gem: Ben & don’t green many but hit like 65% of my deep middies & 3’s

Yeah oladipo is nice, but John wall has more attributes, probably still take oladipo tho. Just feels way better

How much is Lou will?

Oh, and he wears peak, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg :wink: