Lost to TJeerday (Youtuber)

He think using 5outs is a skill, I kept it close without using 5outs so its a moral victory for me, anyone played this kat? First game that I got very mad in knowing its just a game.

Hes ass. I commented on his recent video and called him garbage and he liked it lol

He’s a bum. He’s a cheese guy and he has a lag switch.

Is that really a thing? Because I’ve played guys recently where I noticed in tight ones I’d get huge lag spikes and attempting to restore connection

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Dude I get the same thing

Hell yea it’s real. COD people use that shit all the time. That TJ guy has it. Whenever you get those crazy lags after they make a basket or attempting to restore. That’s what it is

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Isn’t it ironic that most of the “better” 2K players are mostly cheesers? I get it, it works, but 5-outting all game, every play and using every BS tactic to get a cheap win is just laughable.

Rarely, and I mean rarely, do I ever play anyone that’s actually solid at the game/ makes it fun. Most times it’s just iso, drive and kick, corner 3 after corner 3, shooting over 69% 3FGs and nearly 80% FG total.

“It’s getting ridiculous.”

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That’s fucking lame KP has brought out all the dirty cheesing and cheating tactics

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Yea this round specifically has been BAD. I’m somehow 9-5 but I expect a losing streak to come. EVERY game has been 5 out fest. Flash pausing. And lebron/Durant at center

TJayerrday is aight. He’s a Park player and migrated to MyTeam so he’s a dribble spammer

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yeah, i dont want to accuse him of anything but i was lagging bad too, i started lagging late in the 4th when i had the lead.

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