Lost my 12-0 game for th first time and it hurts

Last night instead of grinding offline for Curry, I decided to hop onto unlimited and get Beasley as I was already 7-0 so I was excited to finish it. I got 3 rage quits and one win in about an hour or so and boom I was 11-0, pretty fast. I was already over confident and relaxed about getting the last win because I always think that the 12th game is the easiest (I dont know why I think lie that but yeah). So me being not locked in whatsoever at all I matched up with a real sweat and after a close game I lost the game. GG’s to my guy he was the better one definitely but man oh man… I have lost many times on 8-9 and 10th games but never ever on my last game before and I dont even care about getting beasley since he wont make my line up. But it still hurts man. I hope that all my fellow 2kgamers would win all of their 12th games, that shit hit me hard…


That’s a tough one bro but no worries, you still got time if you want to go for Beez again or you can say screw it and just enjoy using different cards. I hope they get rid of 12-0 next game tho

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That’s sad to here bro. I’ve been there :frowning:

but don’t worry you’ll eventually go 12-0. Keep Fighting!


Yeah man at least I dont care for Beasley too much… I cant imagine if it had happened last month when I was grinding for Jerry and Rudy. 2k got me on this one. They won this battle but not the war I’ll definitely go back to it :smiley:

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yea i think the 2k18 setting was good despite being the shittiest 2k game made. weekly rewards, and you have to play for tier rather than winning 12 games in a row. especially when you reset you dont get the reward, you legit need to go into games and rq to in order to both rest record and get the current reward

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2k18 leader boards were kinda cool thing.

Happens to the best of us fam. Keep grinding

Feel the pain bro. Lost at 11-0 this month to a dude that had every card in the game as well as Michael Beasley already. 2K matchmaking at it’s best. This 12-0 thing really set up to frustate people.