Lost a game because of charging fouls

The guy just stands in take charge position and I had about 4 fouls in the game like that and it cost me the game eventually. How is this possible? I can’t move with the ball because the guy is just standing there with his hands on his nuts? It’s impossible to have a charging foul in real life like that. My god how frustrating this game is. Jesus

Edit: I wasn’t specific enough: charges occured with me standing with the ball and the opponent standing next to me. As soon as I move, it’s a charge.


I hate the guys who sit and try to take charges all game. Like, really, that’s your defensive strategy?

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I feel like they’re very easy to avoid as long as you don’t use turbo when near them


I second this. If you don’t hold turbo, you will slide through them.

For better or worse, just remember that it was way worse last year


Yeah, I even get blocking calls on those dudes half the time by just letting off turbo.

I remember last year you can draw charges on the roll man off ball. Cheesy af

If you turbo through it, it’ll be a charge every time. With that being said, i could literally be just jogging up the court and some dude will charge me and I’ll slam into him even tho I’m just slowly moving and not trying anything sneaky. I hate the charge stuff.

I know I shouldn’t turbo but sometimes guys move so stiff and they’re really hard to manouver. Then it’s just a second of turbo and a call. I wouldn’t be too mad about it if I didn’t literally lose a game because of this. And no one has been so successful against me with those before. It’s like you see an opening and want to drive ast him and boom! A stupid charge call. But whatever.

The charge animation seems to be like some dunking animation where you don’t have control of your players anymore.
It happened to me also once : my opponent were just standing in front of me trying to draw a charge, I moved left with turbo to go around him, but the charge animation were triggered and my player went straigth to the defender instead of going to the left.
It’s stupid but we just have to endure that for a few weeks until 2k19 comes out :slight_smile:

Also, I haven’t tried to draw charges against people who always going on fastbreak but it should work.


So much broken shit, even basic layups. I point to the left side of the rim with nobody in that area and nope he lays it in with his right hand between 3 defenders

They charge animation you just go around them?? whats the problem lol

Take a look at take charge tendency. Pretty sure Stockton has the highest. I remember when this guy was off balling and his Stockton got 6 charging fouls in a quarter, even when moving. Sometimes it feels like it’s a magnet, like your going to the side of them and some how you still shoulder them for the foul.


The ruby Dfish is the same, players are just drawn to him

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Seen every kinda loss but this is really funny. Hold these nuts :joy:

That’s exactly how it happened to me with 30 seconds to go and a tie game.

Lemme hold deez nuts while you take an L? :smiley: that’s how it felt.

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