Losses in TTOnline When Opponent Quits

So I’m finishing up my 10 TTOnline games for XP. I fight through the offballers that sit down to pee, people that still think leaners are a viable cheese method (easy money), and the DDA that some people deny, but come on man, we all know it exists. I make it to the final board, 8-1 record.

My opponent and I play a pretty good game, but I go up 20-17 and he quits (I’ve read that you have to wait for the “loading ball” on the screen to stop spinning before you hit “OK”, so I do), then get my board. Awesome, Downtown Freddie Brown is there and I have 5 tries at him. First ball does the inevitable bounce to the lowest MT spot. Ah, that’s alright. I’ve got four more tries…wait…what? No more balls for Freddie?

Is this just a byproduct of the developers at 2K’s incompetence, or is this a glitch method that an opponent can do? If it’s a glitch, I recorded his ass and will find a way to report him when I get off of work today.

It’s not enough that the mode is not as profitable as it once was…but now it’s giving phantom losses and that’s crap.

Rant over. I played one more game and got the XP that I needed. On to 7 games of unlimited, which I’m sure will also be a blast.

Not TTO but I was just playing the 5th game on GO tier for a customer on Unlimited and made the guy quit but was given the loss.

Game is beyond broken…like it is every year. Unacceptable.

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Have seen more recant in Unlimited thats fault Take Two company cause all problems with Rockstar

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