Losing connection in 2k22 (xbox series x)

Is anyone else experiencing connectivity problems today in 2k22 MT? I’m playing next gen on Xbox Series X and it keeps losing connection today, then it loads right back in. I’ve lost countless games today because of that bs :angry:

My internet seem to be working fine btw. I’ve never had any problems before today so I guess it must be something going on with their servers? :thinking:

Lost connection twice on series x at galaxy tier…

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It’s so damn annoying, especially when playing online yeah. They ruined my draft run, I was 3-0, then had 2 disconnects and then I lost the third one after overtime :angry: I won’t even play online till this bs gets fixed.

Can’t complain. Online play is very smooth and stable. Coming from Germany.

I didn’t have any problem till yesterday too. IDK what’s going on.

I forgot to verify my email and these assholes wanted to delete my account because of that. I honestly don’t even read them emails as it’s mostly junk and commercials…I verified my account now that they threatened to delete my account and luckily it works but I’ve been having connection problems since then, IDK if it’s somehow related or not. :thinking:

Maybe it’s a stupid idea but did you try to reconnect your router?

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Yeah, first thing I tried…but didn’t fix the problem. I gotta feeling that it’s got something to do with verifying the acc. Because my internet seem to be working fine, I don’t get disconnected in any other games.

I’ll try to follow these steps

I linked my Xbox/Microsoft acc to the NBA 2k acc on NBA2K.com and hopefully that’ll fix it.

[Solved] the servers are over crowded. Same experience on the ps5 and xboxS. Unless you can get lucky and find a session with less people.