Loser of Tonight's Boxing Match Got Robbed

do you see this robbery!!

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Was a close fight. Even more so than the last one but GGG was rocking him the last 4-5 rounds. If anything THIS was the draw. I think GGG refuses to have a post fight interview because he was legitimately robbed the first fight and could take it as being robbed in the second fight.

I feel bad for ggg. He should have won last year. This year at most should have been draw

Dude: Spoilers. Come on.

I changed the title so that other people who may not have seen the match won’t have the outcome spoiled unless they click on the thread.


Sorry about that.

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I had it a draw up until the final round. Triple G was hurting and wanted no part of trading with Canelo. Canelo even dropped his hands at one point and even motioned for him to bring it. Canelo also landed more power punches in both fights.