Looks like we getting a Diamond Rose


Glad i sold everything :slight_smile:

Looks like im selling diamond curry

Lol bad idea considering he’s not in packs

He wont rise much more, so if he has to get MT to buy Rose ?

Rose over curry… nahhh

People like different players for different reasons :stuck_out_tongue:

True But since it’s this version of rose he’s bound to be worse

If they give rose a 90 3 ball I’m copping. His animations are sick and his release is too , for me at least.

But what will his dunking be like?

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His emerald moments got 85


Hope the player model isn’t bald and he has dat dare chiraq hairstyle lol

30 that’s why he ain’t worth it

his last moments got 35 lol

He won’t have HOF badges and can’t dunk or lockdown and won’t be a pure shooter soo

Probably gonna get a 50 so it’s a no from me

He could have hof badges, why not, HoF acrobat, ez.

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He didn’t even dunk that game so probably stays the same

Even if he does, he’s average, I do like the emerald tho it’s just he won’t make the team

I wouldn’t sell curry for DRose.

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