Looks like 2k19 is going to be freaky! 🦌

18 is freaky enough. No, thanks.


As mush as I love basketball and love playing basketball video games, I’ve had enough of 2k’s bullshit and don’t plan on buying it again.

I’ve been playing a bit of madden this year and plan on getting into that next year.

Until everyone else gives in no matter how much they love the sport, nothing will chamge

I was planning on not getting the game till late in the cycle next year but not anymore. The bucks have never had a cover athlete before so I’m going to be buying the hard copy of 2k19 for sure. It’s just awesome to get to be a fan of Giannis after all these years of being a bucks fan and never having any top tier players.

Damn i wanted that legend edition pre order bonuses but i want this giannis cover. :thinking::thinking:

I’m def gonna get the game because 2k will by far still be better than Live. Sadly.


Buy the hard copy n then purchase the bonus content off ebay, I’m sure someone will be selling it

I allways by the disk for 2k because there digital downloads take like 3 days…

Legitimately the most retarded reason to support a shitty game. Smh, your the reason 2k is lazy and dead.

The game isn’t shitty bro. Myteam is shitty. I think people forget thats there’s other game modes and judge the wholeeee game off of one fucked up part. For example, i enjoy myleage during the myteam preseason. If the man wants 2k19 off the aesthetics of Giannis, let it be.


Feer The Deer! Milwaukee on the rise. New cover athlete, new coach, new stadium, new signature shoes (Fr34ks), and new police chief.


Good thinking!

I’ve been playing Live recently so I’ll prob get both. Looking forward to Live more because I think it will be way better than 18, 2K will be the same old shit like usual and I might not even touch MyTeam if shit doesnt change (it wont)

Same i enjoy myleague sims just wish it would load faster lol. Sometimes i contemplate getting the pc version cause theres no loading through the days

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Then why are you on forums for the game. You better check your damn self before you bring that shit at me mf.

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Yeahhhhh Fallout 76 comes out around then and I won’t have to spend an extra $100 a month in game to stay relevant sooooo

On behalf of EA (which i’m not fond of) this song is dedicated to this “idea” lol.

Idk how I feel about Fallout 76. Something about being dropped into an open world full of try hard little kids worries me.