Looking to Tone up while on Keto I have some questions

Anyone here lift weights and shit

I was looking at some weights for the house but came across resistance bands they seem cheaper and more portable.

Anyone use both and can confirm that they seen the same results as free weights ?

These bands guarantee wanker’s cramp i guess.

Bands are good for maintaining and getting lean, but I’ve never personally used them for gains. Nothing beats free weights because of balance imo.

Then again I’ve never tried using bands for gains like I said previously. Someone else may have a different experience.

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I hit the gym about 5 days a week. It’s really about isolating the muscle and having great form. Also using different techniques to hit all muscles. Also eating a lot and a lot of the right types of food. I also do cardio 2-3 times a week. I’m at about 225 now. It takes time and patience. Not sure if using the resistance bands only would do you justice, but I would research workouts. I’m always trying to find ways to improve my workout

Body type also plays a part. We aren’t all built the same or come from the same genetics

I lift with weights but I’ve heard from a lot of people that bands are actually very affective

I’d suggest getting a gym membership somewhere instead of the home workouts. Also that your diet is probably the biggest factor.

Even with a home workout i used this 40lbs cat litter box for my after work workout n it did the job…but I also was running at the time and hitting the gym lol

The bands are good for blood flow and muscle deconstruction/rebuild, but you want to maintain a solid core and leg strength as well. Weight training is essential in my opinion to maintain a balanced build and to build muscle

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You can use resistance bands. It’l really all about tension and progressive overload. If you can achieve that then it’ll work just as good as dumbbells would. Just remember that all of this is for nothing if you don’t eat right. Idk though I think using bands could get pretty repetitive. A gym membership would be ideal if you can.

i use bands for physiotherapy and weights for gains. if you need to heal or rebuild muscles use bands but weights are better to actually build real muscle because balance

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I was actually tryna avoid the gym also I’m on the keto diet. Which has been good to me for the last 2 months. I’ve heard that it’s hard to gain muscle on keto

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Just put 5 pound weights on your wrists before you lock your door, you’ll be Arnold by Christmas.


this is true

@OGxSuave listen to this guy.

If your looking to build muscle without juicing then there aren’t any shortcuts.

Look into selectabells l, space saving and versatile


You can use something like this… https://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/macronutrients_calculator.htm
To find your calorie needs and how much protein/carbs/fats you need each day to build muscle. There’s apps like Myfitnesspal that make it really easy to calculate everything. I eat a ton of takeout food and I’m not a healthy eater at all but I found it really easy to hit my calorie and macro goals by just tracking everything.

My lil brother was on the keto diet and he lost 60lbs but he didn’t lift so he didn’t bulk up at all.

Also let me clarify maybe not exactly tryna gain but more as tryna tone my body out

Sorry if that’s the same thing lmao

If you’re trying to cut, get lean, then bands should do you justice.

Thing about this is I can’t have a lot of carbs only like

I’m on keto so this is what I can get

I was 290 about 2 months ago I’m 267 now.

And this is with on and off keto no exercise at all. Now I’m tryna get some exercise in between my countless 2k grinds lmao

Ohh yeah keto is a low carb diet. A lot of people have good results with keto but it’s not the only way to get ripped if you cant withstand that type of strict diet.