Looking to stream a PS4 friendly

No 5 out all on ball.


Streaming vs @TheGodfather

Who y’all got?

Ruby Tourney :wink::laughing:

Godfather with the cheesy snatchback limitless :joy:

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I can’t stop his phone iso lol

lil uzi vert sucks by the way real talk :nauseated_face:

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It’s still fuck Bron, but god this card is amazing

Most plays from playbooks lead to turnovers in this game you got to cheese to get a win the meta is that bad :smirk:

the post game is broken plus jerry west looks awful on attack.

Why do plays when you can just hit limitless range 3s :rofl: this mode isnt for the sophisticated basketball minds :sweat_smile:

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I’m not a good enough player to stop PD LeBron on clear out iso

GG @TheGodfather

Anyone want to play

If my kids weren’t sucking bandwith dry id play

But I run wall and Wade as pgs :confused:

Nice I can use west. I don’t use Scottie as a cheeser. He’s just great at pg

godfather used cheese and you didnt the resultat a blowout…

I gotcha, if I can find a way to tranquilize my kids I’ll jump on

It’s all good man. He didn’t 5 out me, I just gotta work on my on ball. That LeBron is nice 11-15 from 3

Bump?? Here all night folks