Looking to sell my kirilenko with high Curry’s (PS4) anyone looking? If so what price?

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I need him as my center lol how much?

Lmao are u serious?

Yes lol

I got him for 60k a few days ago on a bid, what’s your max? I’d be happy to resell for 60

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Yep 60k sounds good! I’ll message you as soon as I’m home in 12 hours lol

Lol aight, if anyone else is willing to bid higher I’ll of course take the highest offer, but thankyou, I haven’t gotten to enjoy this card with that exact shoe but his other diamond card I’ve used was insane, play him over bosh 97

I had him and sold him. I definitely need him back lol

For another data point, I bought same combo yesterday…60K BIN. Had been up almost a half hour. I didn’t consider it an especially great deal, but a “good” deal. Good enough to make me buy and not have to continue to search the AH for the combo. (Tired of doing Power Forward / Diamond / Throwback / Jazz and still have to wade through Karl Malones.)

If nobody here names a particular price that’s attractive to you, here, just put it up for what you want.

I don’t think there’s any anxiety to selling this card. I don’t know if it could go for over 100K, but I would assume, if it could, hardly anything above.

My assumption is that it’s a BIN priced combo now, so just put it up for what you want and see if it can sell.

@HarryLundt Maybe like start the bid at 60 and see if it carries?

I wouldn’t pay more than 30K for such an AK. Not because he isn’t good, he is a defensive god in fact. But, how many 3s are you going to shoot with AK per game? I shoot like 1.5 per game, and he converts at crazy amount. First because he is good, with 90 open 3, and gold c&s, second because you only shoot wide open.
You have to shoot many more 3s to leverage the boost, otherwise you are paying a 40K premium to improve AK’s percentages by like 10% on 2 attempts per game. 40K to gain like 0.6 point per game?
Instead, shooting more 3s with AK isn’t ideal either since he lacks 3pt plays and has low tendencies.

It would be different for a playmaking shoe, since he handles the ball a lot for me and is a fast break beast. I would gladly pay 60K for a faster AK with enhanced ball control and playmaking.

Of course, if you are so rich that 60K are nothing to you my whole point goes out of the window.

That’s not a bad idea. It depends on how patient you are and what it means to you for him to be in the AH and not on your lineup.

For stuff that I expect to be BIN, I just set a price and live with the idea that I maybe didn’t get max. But that’s me.

He doesn’t have 3pt plays, so it really depends on your offense and the opponent’s defense. But on the higher side of the spectrum, I played a friendly a couple nights ago and AK tended to be open. He went 5/5 for me, from outside. (This was without the shoe, but with Gold Limitless and DRD.)

It would be different for a playmaking shoe, since he handles the ball a lot for me and is a fast break beast. I would gladly pay 60K for a faster AK with enhanced ball control and playmaking.

The Curry Highs also boost Acceleration and SWB. So AK goes from 91/88 to 99/97. That’s one of the reasons why this shoe is such a big deal, game- and price-wise.

He’s blazing fast with the ball, and the Accel should help him be quicker in general.

Also: deltas in price are seldom warranted by in-game production, at least in a linear way. There is almost always an “irrational” premium for going up from one version to the next, as well as for the addition of a shoe. Personally, when it comes to cards that sell for 15-30K for base version, I think spending twice, or more, for a shoed version is easy to rationalize, due to the low base cost.

That was mine that sold! I was hoping for more. Lol

This is exactly why I’m willing to pay extra. @Fra44 you’re completely right though! I run him at center so SwB/Acc is more important to me. If I can also get +27 3pt ratings I’ll take that too

@Delano_23 @HarryLundt sorry guys, I never have diamond shoes in my collection so I don’t know what they do boost haha! Didn’t know he becomes this fast with this shoe.

Btw I have thought of running him at center too, but then I realized that the trait I love the most from AK is his perimeter defense. Even if he is an amazing shot blocker and rebounder I figured running him at C would prevent me from putting him on the best opposing perimeter player because that leads to akward pairings if AK is your C.
If I wanted to go full small ball I’d place Josh Smith at the 5 and AK at the 4. But let me know how he does at C for you!

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I’ve been running josh at the 5 and he’s amazing with the duo! @HarryLundt actually played me, and I think he did quite well vs KP and DRob. I’m gonna experiment if I (hopefully) win the bid on this shoe with dray/AK at the 4/5 or AK/Josh at the 5. So many fun combinations with arguably the most versatile defenders in the game

Woulda been D-Rob, Jokic, and Wilt…I don’t have any KP. But, same difference…I do not recall having any sort of rebounding advantage, and wouldn’t be surprised if it went your way. And you beat me walking away, in any case.

It’s a weird thing: I won’t run guys like J-Smoove, AK47, Draymond at the 5, because I assume I’ll get outrebounded. But when I see them in opposing lineups, I’m not at all surprised if I get outrebounded.