Looking to buy PS4 MT 10/11 per 100k

Looking for MT PS4 lemme know if your trying to sell. I’ve only bought MT once but the guy I bought it from can vouch for me I’ll pay first.

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We all looking for it at this price lol


I can sell 15/100k

I don’t buy above $12/100k thanks for the offer though

Good luck finding some for that cheap then :man_shrugging:t2:

Bought 700k for 70 bucks 2 days ago

buying at that high of a quantity made the price per 100k that low.

right now it’s a sellers market in terms of MT.


Just takes patience for the right price.

Lmfao big stepper

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Sneak dissin I see :joy:

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Good looks, @JC_Moneybags. Wait for the good deals. MT sellers be trippin’ right now.



Fine I can sell 7$/100k if you buy 4 mil

If you sell me 2mil for 200 then you got a deal I would accept that offer but i opened packs yesterday out of boredom and only pulled melo.