Looking to buy cheap xbox account

Obviously with 2k and decent/good/great team
Any other extra games

Incase anyone wondering i am not banned, sold my last 400k MT hour ago. Just looking for cheap account with good team/extra games, if you got something like that to get rid of, DM me. I am looking for CHEAP account with an emphasis on cheap, so that’s that.

Thank you.


I clicked on this JUST because I thought you got banned lol


Think you should narrow down your definition of “cheap” with numbers . That way you will get serious offers. :slight_smile:

Nah its cool, i dont think there are that many sellers anyway and i can pm my numbers thru private :slight_smile:

Buy mine for $199 :fire:




I can sell you an account with nothing on it for $2 :slight_smile: :joy:


I have one with the first anni set locked and some pd rewards… dunno if u want it or not