Looking to buy cheap ps4 account for myplayer and myteam purposes

I’m on ps4 and my price range is $40-85
looking for someone to be in the diamond rewards market at least
doesnt matter the player build as long its 93+
paypal only

I have a myteam account with opal Malone, PD T-Mac, PD rewards (Wes unseld, dr. J, Issel, Rick barry, etc.) and unlocked the pd board. This will only be until July 31st (Madden 20) however. I figure you should be over the game by then and my myplayer is only a 90 but I hope the myteam can balance that out.

Looking for something permanent with freedom to play game as long I want. How much vc and mt do you have left and card count I like your team tho.