Looking to buy bulk amounts of MT (XB1)

So, I’m looking to buy 1M+ XB1 MT (I’ll buy if you have 500k or more tho) PM me with your prices.

Here’s a link to all of my vouches from last years purchases, I’ve also done some 12-0 & MUT to MT Trades this year:

About to head out for a few hours, will respond to any posts or DMs when I get back. If you have 500k+ and some vouches I’ll probably buy from you.

Talk to @Broly

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Good looks fam

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I have some, hmu :+1:

I’m back home for the night and would love to get some deals done, DM’s sent!

Hey I responded to your dm bro hmu if you’re still interested

Vouch! Got a deal done quick and easy

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Vouch for SoCal, quick and easy deal

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Big transaction, big vouch, quick and good communication, would sell to again

Vouch for @Bones191 quick and smooth !

If any late night sellers are online, I’m still looking to buy more.

Bump, I’m in the market again. DM me prices

500k bought, still looking for 1M

I’ll be online all day today, looking for 1-1.5M but will buy any amount you have. Dm prices.