Looking to buy 600k mt on xbox. Bday discount ? lol

Looking to lock in for ben! Little present to myself lol

Looking for a good rate. Hit me up !


Happy Birthday Bro! :innocent:

nvm :wink:

Thanks man ! I was feelin like a luckykid last night lol


Happy birthday, Raps win last night was your early birthday present I bet

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Hahaha You’re welcome just enjoy life man!
I’m going drunk today :rofl:

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Im getting liqed all weekend. When i awaken from my bender raps will be on their way to play for a championship :)))))

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Yessir :wink:

Happy Birthday mate!!!

What a time to celebrate it, when Raps plays like last night.
All the best for you and the Raps!

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Its a great time to be a raps fan. !!!

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I"m not their fan, but Kawhi and Gasol are my top5 fav players ,so I’m rooting for them this year.

Also hope, that Kawhi stay there for good.

I love having gasol on the team. Hes a calming presence on d. And when hes offensively feeling it our offence opens UP like crazy. Kawhi staying with raps would be great for the game imo. Will attract another FA here hopefully.

Dont know about torontos cap space. But thinking about being able to put danny green on the bench and get an all star calibur sg… drooling lol

Does everyone on here buy MT? Am I the only one who never has? Having said that I am running a bit low and my pack luck had run dry…

MT cost so little compared to last year, you can build pretty sick team even with little so why not? The only thing that keeps many people buying VC on this forum is getting that glow from packs.

I guess I’m always worried about a possible ban and it kinda sorta feels like cheating to me. It’s rewarding to make moves selling cards to build up MT for new ones but so hard to keep up with the the sudden market crashes from random locker codes and super packs. Also it’s hard to compete the rush from seeing that pack glow when it happens lol.

Marc is obviously past his prime,but but he’s still has one of the best basketball iq in the league and as you said his presence and reading the flow of the game is amazing.

His numbers are not spectacular anymore, but when you see that player of Embiid caliber are thinking twice before he post up’s you know that you add a still very good C.

About Kawhi i’m completly speechless, never thought he might jump on the level he is now.
He’s the best player of this postseason, no doubt.

I don’t have a specific ,favorite team ( probably Grizzlies is the closest) I’m rooting more for my favorite players- and most importantly- stories and good narrations.

And this year “Raptors Redemption” is most intriguing.

Bro what 2k does to their consumers is cheating. All bets are off. Been buying mt for two years. Never been banned. Gotta be smart about it

Oh I agree, 2K can suck it. But you have to admit that buying MT has the potential to put people on an uneven playing field much moreso than VC glitching or buying VC (and certainly people with more disposable income to buy VC have an advantage over those that don’t, so there’s gonna be that pay 2 play inequity regardless).

If someone is trying to bid on a card with their scrapped and saved MT and competing with high bidders sitting on millions of bought MT that can seem pretty frustrating and unfair. That’s what I meant about it being a form of cheating, in the sense that it directly negatively affects other players rather than 2K.

I mean i think being able to buy mt should just be an option in game. Fuck sakes lol