Looking for Xbox services, 12-0 and challenges

Can’t do PayPal so any other payment

2k21 is out in less than a month just wait

Lmao bruh you never even responded to me

Lol nvm my fault I never responded to you lol sorry I just did

I’m not one to play from the start I wait till towards the end so that I don’t have to do a lot of grinding and can get a playable team for cheap, I work a lot so I like to just come home hop on and play some games without having to do all the team building and market play stuff. Plus if I did get it it wouldn’t be till next gen anyways

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Still looking

What happened with @OGxSuave ?

He doesn’t need challenge service anymore and I don’t feel like playing 12-0 games for $20

@teqson can do the 12-0

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ok never mind