Looking for uniforms (PC)

I’m missing 12 uniforms:

  1. Sixers statement
  2. Bucks statement
  3. Hornets classic away 89-96
  4. Raptors classic alt 08-15
  5. Kings classic away 48-57
  6. Lakers classic away 66-72
  7. Spurs classic home 81-89
  8. Spurs classic home 73-77
  9. Spurs classic away 81-89
  10. Suns classic alt 15-17
  11. Sonics classic alt 04-08
  12. Sonics classic away 67-70

I’ve been looking for them for days now, thinking they’re super-rare maybe.
But today people are ripping packs for Harden and KD. They must find uniforms in those packs, but still none of them are on the auction.

Where are they?

I’m pretty sure they aren’t even in packs. I’m missing the same 12 uniforms too.

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Same. Been looking for weeks, they never come up.

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They are glitched, never were on the market.

I could’ve sworn I had the away Hornets jersey at one point and quicksold it before I started collecting cards for Webber.

Anyone try opening a ticket about this? Just curious what the dipsticks at 2k have to say.

No chance, there would be at least one on the market here and there if they were in packs.

Yeah, I’m probably thinking of the purple alt and just misremembering.

I will See if i have some of them when i have the time, i already sold a lot of them, but maybe you’re lucky.