Looking for some kind of "mecenas"

Hi community!

I’ll go straight to the point. I have completed all the dominations while on vacation, and I have no way to get MT constantly. Just when I completed the dominations I bought Lebron playoffs for 160k. The rest I used to open packs, looking for luck to get Kobe 98, my favorite player.

As I do not currently have time, I tried to buy 250k MT (Kobe’s price 3 weeks ago), I got scammed. I just not have more money to spend in this.

Can anyone lend or give me 80k MT to buy that Kobe?
I sold all my team (even my Diamond Curry shoe for 90k MT, in that forum) except Rubies and LeBron Playoffs with Diamond contract, trying to get that Kobe in packs.

I can return the mighty gift helping in other game modes like Pro-Am or other games like Monster Hunter World, Dark Souls 3, Bloodborne, PES 2018 co-op…

Thanks in advance!

I need to say this:


37000 mt, with a draw foul and bc diamond shoe.

I was out when the ps4 giveaways comes out in this community. Hope somenone millionaire hears me.

So you already got him?

Yeah, I just picked up today. Now I’m looking for the ultimate piece, Kareem. It’s cheap now, compared to a few months back. Maybe someone richer and bored of the game can help me, I can help in other games like Monster Hunter and soulsborne.

I don’t want to buy more MT, no more riskimg to being scammed.