Looking for PS4 MT

Looking for PS4 MT

Just trying to get the JR Smith collection done, probably 200K. PM me

Bump, posted it late trying to get it to the top so I can get this MT


Already messaged me, good seller just couldn’t agree on price

I bought on MMOROG last week and it went perfectly fine, $9 per 100k is actually great at this point. Idk how they’re selling MT like that

I don’t think you should be too worried about being banned either unless it’s a big MT transfer (200k isn’t much) and it doesn’t seem that it’s the dev’s priority to be monitoring the AH cuz the online play is trash rn

I’ve heard weird stuff about those sites. Like it taking a week to get your MT, and them asking for pictures of your drivers license for some reason.

Yeah I dunno it didn’t happen to me, got the MT within 5 mins of purchasing without any of the verification. If that stuff happened I wouldn’t have gone through/recommended it

Normally their prices are so bad, I’m shocked it’s so low

It’s up to $14 now actually rip lol