Looking for new players

Running Howard right now. I have 60k in the bank but dont want to use all of it. Who should I get?

How is Howard? Some top users sticks with him because his faaaaaaast big ass.


Sapphire Manute Bol

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He is pretty good just wondering if any one else is worth investing in. He is a little short though.

Howard is great, you won’t find a better one for 60k imo.

Man, that’s exactly why I can’t move on from him. His speed and he jumps out of the gym so he really fights for the boards.

ok I’ll keep him :wink:

Any good bench centers though. I am always outrebounbed

mark eaton

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No jokes on him, he can destroy any paint if your oponent doesn’t know how to use the strengh stat.

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I’m using Amy Cousins and it’s a force in the paint. Perfect center, he only lacks on speed. Some troubles with full press using him, Howard has not this problems.


while we’re at it good bench SG’s? 25k for butler seems too expensive.

Amy Butler is THE bench SG this year IMO.


If I sell my current magic johnson for for 70k and I have 60k rn, will I have enough for the new magic?


Best cards at SF position for 100k?

and even if he does, Manute with his length & the power of the EQ can block anything in the post


Pippen and Josh Smith if u need glue guys. Diamond Durant or the first PD Kuzma if u need scoring.

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