Looking for NBA 2K20 MT

Does anyone have any extra that they are willing to give away? XB1





i’m guessing most of the people who have mt on the game either save it or deleted the game already

I still have 2 million for sale

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Looking to see if anyone has any to giveaway, if not ill buy

some dude last year hooked me up with 2 mil mt 2k19 lol


up up

I got you fam, hmu tomorrow for a milly

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In the process of listing all my cards, I have a fortune in shoes and lower tiered players, plus all the GOATs -minus PG Giannis and Bron Bron

Absolute legend man, tysm

I am xbox one tho I see you are ps4 :confused:

how much for 2mil xbox

I’m XB1, just haven’t updated.

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Shoutout to the legend @Taylor for hooking me up

Anyone have any extra MT?