Looking for MT (X1)

Yea I’m friggin caving in. I want this new Bron. I didnt pull him with the 25k I had left. I’d prefer to trade Madden 18 coins if anyone were interested, but I guess I got some cash as well. Hit me up. And don’t judge me…


Madden 18 coins ain’t worth much, my guy hope you find a seller tho

I got enough of them to get a little bit of MT. I’m not looking hundreds of thousands. Unless someone wants cash + MUT18 coins for a decent amount of MT.

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Is there a lbj on market already?

Not for BIN. When I got off though the old PD Bron was BIN. There’s a lot of both of them up though.

Yo theres so much lbj up lol wonder if its high chances rn

Chances are really high im guessing ripped 7 packs on MT and on lbj

I got Bron in a 10 box

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I used my 25k I had. Pulled Artis Gilmore (2.5k) and then PD Bird (sold for 25k) on my last pack. Used that MT to keep trying for Bron and didn’t pull anything else above amythest. The odds do look like they’re good though.


I was gonna sell and then I saw Magics stats and hadta pause


I have mt if you still need it