Looking for high rec/pro-am players (PS4)

Are you on PS4? I’m looking for some smart, unselfish hoopers to squad with in high rec/pro-am.

My favorite build to play is a SF playshot for the added playmaking badges, potential mismatches (I can hold my own in the paint defensively), and potential easier alignment with a defensive guard against a screen-hunting/dribble-head opponent. I also have a couple high rec friends: their builds are 2-way sharp and versatile paint beast.

I average about 20 & 9 ast at the rec so far (100+ games), but I’m much more proud of the 9 ast than the 20 points. I wish it were 10, actually. I’m shooting well over 60% from 3, though.

If you value teamwork, know how to play multiple defensive schemes (or are willing to learn), pride yourself on off-ball movement, and can make the extra pass, please add me on PS4 (or reply here with your PSN… my settings might be restricted).

You want a private matchup against me and my friends ?

No… I don’t have a big enough high team to do that lol what’s you guys’ setup like?

On what servers are you playing?

US East, usually

I dunno why you have to play with people that are high

Sober people are good too ya know

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Indeed :laughing: