Looking for Diamond Pettit 2k18 PS4 Can Pay 500k (or $)

Just need diamond Pettit to complete the Ice Cold set.

I know this card is very rare and at this point in the game’s lifecycle most people have probably either locked him in or moved on to 2k19, but I’m willing to pay 400k for a diamond Pettit card if anyone still has one in their collection that isn’t already locked in. Just thought I’d try on here since I haven’t had any luck finding one in the AH over the last few weeks and I’m starting to think I may never be able to get Pippen.

Upping my offer to 500k, or willing to offer $ in place of MT.

Getting a bit desperate as it’s really starting to look like Pippen is impossible to obtain at this point. My fault for not trying sooner, really!

If ANYONE has a 2k18 unlocked Diamond Bob Pettit on PS4 hit me up. It’s looking like a no go at this point but I thought I’d give it one last try.

Open to paying MT, $, negotiating, etc. Let me know what you want!

I believe it’s safe to say the odds of he or Rondo ever showing up over there are like 0.000001/1000000.

I wish I could help ya out.

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No one plays 2k18 anymore

Still someone keep playing 2k18. Just got sniped and missed 10+ pds transfered from Benand1.
As to Pettit and Rondo,agree with Ryan… It’s mission impossible to get them now.