Looking for advice. SG/PG (D-Wade build)

Looking for advice. SG/PG (D-Wade build)

This is what I came up with for the build. I just need a facilitator for our rec team. Not too comp of a team and I’m not the hide behind the screen and chuck 3s all game type.

Anything you park/rec guys would change or recommend? I will post all of the stats/badges I would plan to put on the player

Height: 6’4
Weight: 199 lbs
Wingspan: 82.4" or up two notches
Takeover: I was thinking slasher takeover or lockdown.

@OGxSuave you have any advice? I know you the god of builds around here

@Fra44 @trala7 as well. No disrespect to anyone else I’m forgetting haha

I got a 2 way slasher, same pie chart with 12 finishing 10 shooting 16 playmaking 21 defending if u want me to screenshot the attributes

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Definitely can you want. I guess I’m looking for more feedback from people with similar builds. What they wish they would have done instead.

If you’re the primary ball handler, there’s better builds out there, I use this as a lock/secondary ball handler. My mate has 3 builds on this pie chart, first one he regretted not going max wingspan, and he made a 3rd to have play takeover.

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Alright thanks!

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This gotta be one of the most well rounded builds you could get. It’s at 99.9 so minus 5 attributes from all.

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What is this?

6’5. Default Wingspan. Green/Red pie chart.

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Will definitely look at this. Thanks!

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Looks pretty good to me mate! I don’t have a play/lock so can’t share any tips. Can reach out to my mate who has one and it’s godly but this looks like it’s pretty spot on. Badge totals are nice. Will be able to shoot decently to very well depending on your timing skills. You’ve got all the contact packages so that’s good

I’d go slasher takeover personally

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Is D Wades jumpshot the same in mycareer as it is in myteam?

I used it last night for the first time in myteam and it’s rediculously easy to green and stupid quick

Ok awesome! Thanks for the feedback!

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In career its base 98 I believe

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Thanks bro

98 is better. I use 98 with Curry/Jordan 50%.

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No, Dwade has his own base and it’s great, very quick. I had a hard time figuring out the cues to green it so switched to Exum

Hey @6thManSam!

First advice right off the bat, unless you want to make it 6’7, make it a PG, you get more badges.

What you have build is the 2 Way slashing playmaker, which most pros believe to be the best build in the game for a guard.

It’s on you whether you like to be a sniper or a playmaker in addition to a defender. Keep in mind that 86 bh isn’t needed anymore, since momentum aren’t used this year, all you need is 70 bh to equip pro dribble moves.

Last thing: with 10 shooting upgrades its consensus since months that the best layout is gold quick draw, range extender and hot zone hunter. Bronze either C&S or hot start. Range extender is the second best badge in the game, flashes everywhere except when doing a layup.

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Best pg build in my opinion is

2 way slashing playmaker

194 lbs
83.5 wing

Red/orange chart
First physical pie

11 finishing
10 shooting
20 playmaking
20 defensive

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@Fra44 @OGxSuave ok will look into doing both of these before I make my final version of my build today. Will post pictures later. Thank you for all the tips guys! Really excited to make the build!