Looking for a quick loan/donation PS4

All I need is 150k. You can do less than 150k too if you want, I just really need some MT. I don’t have any vouches, so I understand if you won’t deal with me. I will provide an additional 10k MT per 50k MT that you lend to me as well. PM if you’re interested.

Let peeps know what system.ur on

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Good looks


I’m Mt broke, but would gladly help you out if I could

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You still in need?


What are you hoping to do with the 150? Team rebuild? Just curious.

I have 6k left after goating pd mj. Otherwise I would help out for sure. I’m also new and trying to get a good rep here.

I lost basically all my teams value after taking a long break from the game. I brought the team for probably 600k and coming back, it was worth less than 200k. I’m just trying to get back to where I was.

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I’ll be home for like the next half hour. Pm post some cards and pm me if you can in that time frame

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