Looking for a player who doesn't miss any shots

any players that dont miss any shots in myteam?

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G.O.A.T @Clarke_Griffin


fr my number one is probably kristaps honestly

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is there a possibility that he may miss a shot though?


do you mean like the highest green window or something?

no like 100% won’t miss

You can get goat flight he doesn’t miss

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oh alright then.

GO Dikembe :green_circle::green_circle::green_circle:


Anyone that shoots a white against me


is this the guy your talking ab?

just run him with CASH alonzo. neither of them miss. they better than goat shaq, wilt, and kareem lowkey :eyes::eyes:

They gotta have HoF Aim Bot

where what when why how

that is the kristaps tho

apparently you don’t even have to run them at the same time :man_shrugging:

u dont but why wouldnt u? they have the same base. i dont think ive ever missed with either of them

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need more MT bro