Looking for a diamond Westbrook

Must have diamond contract and 3pt shoe thanks guys btw great work on the new forums was much needed pm me on ps4 rawcp3 :+1::smile:

I have exactly what you’re looking for. Diamond contract, and diamond Jordan with 3 boost. What’s your offer? He is my starting PG, so don’t insult me… lol

Would you take 200k? Which attributes do the shoes give?

I could be swayed for that, yes. I wouldn’t be willing to risk anything less, so I would invite a 3rd party into the fray to drive the bidding to the aforementioned offer.

Whats the best way to go about this also what attributes do the shoes give

My only thought is to place him in the AH for 100k starting bid. you’ll place a max bid of 200,050, and the third party will come along and place a bid of 200k even; which will place the current bid at 200k, and within your highest bid thus making it still yours. One moment and I’ll share the attributes.

It boosts open shot mid to 99, open shot 3 by +9 to 91, passing accuracy to 99, acceleration to 99, and hands to 99.

I may just hold off for one more day to see the new promos and if theres nothing i like weill do this man thankyou for the reply :smiley:

No doubt bud. I’ll be around.

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