Looking for a 3&D wing for starting lineup

Using Granger now there, but he is basically my 4th scoring option among starters, only Magic gets less shots up, so might as well play some good defender there. Any ideas? Might just return to Battier, he never disappoints me.

Rudy Gay, great slasher + pretty good shooter with decent defense.

Just switch AK with Granger?


Not a defensive upgrade to Granger though.

It is actually :slight_smile:

What?!?!!? Are you serious??

I was thinking about it, but that second unit works so well, defenders and playmakers to unleash Curry on offense, as he is my best scorer. Might try it, but there are quite a few plays when I really need good playmaking stats at SF.

LBJ obviously.

Why would I not be? Low defensive consistency, average shot contest or def. IQ stats.

Hill is the perfect one actually so grind tokens :joy:

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Klay at 3, Kobe at 2 or wise versa ?

Oh, I have all PDs for a long time :smiley: Doesnt he need the ball a lot though? Played only 3-4 games with him.

What you said is that Kirilenko is not better on defense than Granger…

You prefer Green to Duncan at pf?

I play Hill at 3, does perfect for me there.

Good idea, might cop Kobe when cheap. I was just generally looking for a low usage guy as with Magic ingame I feel like he needs the ball in hands.

Lol its really how you play, you could give Kobe 0 looks if you want to, but stat wise he has it all to play there.

No, I didnt. Learn the reply system.

He allows me to run more and has that solid playmaking. I am doing sometimes PnR with him as ball handler and Curry as screener. Timmy is awesome and I might insert him back if I get rid of Curry, but pretty much whole bench is built to make Curry score a lot (and he is, 22ppg on 59/59/95 splits).

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I mean yeah, the OP cards just allow to use them as whatever we want, most of the time :smiley: I am just kind of old-fashioned, I think, love to put players into roles and always thought of Hill as point forward. Surprised at Hill’s defending though, never realized it is quite high.

That LBJ suggestion is solid tho, forgot he has that unrealistic defensive stats.